When shopping for your new boat cover, are you comparing apples to apples?

The price you pay for any product should reflect its quality, functionality, and even appearance, and the same is true for custom boat accessories. Walk the dock of any condo complex or marina at Lake of the Ozarks and you are likely to see several different examples of “custom” covers for boats. You may wonder why one custom cover looks so much different from another not far away. The simple answer is that every shop has their own unique style and list of “standard” features included in the base price of their cover.

There are many construction techniques that we have seen either fail or succeed, and over 18 years the construction of Paradise custom covers has evolved to include many high quality features, while eliminating the “faster and cheaper” techniques that are unable to withstand the test of time. To help our potential customers wade through the variables we have compiled a list of our “standard” features that are included in ALL of our custom covers, along with some explanations of why we do things the way we do. Before you begin shopping for your new boat cover, know what your own objective really is, so that you can convey your own vision and ask the right questions (see our Frequent Questions for ideas). It is our goal to make it easy to compare apples to apples when choosing your new custom cover.

Paradise covers are custom-made to fit your boat specifically. We don’t use patterns or templates, but rather fit the material directly to the boat, where we can see not only the details of the boat, but also the details of where the boat is kept, including your dock, slip and lift. Our standard materials are Aqualon (for full covers) and Sunbrella (for cockpit and bow covers). We have used both fabrics since 2001 and, although we explore new and innovative materials when presented, we have not yet found anything better for the conditions of the Lake of the Ozarks. We have recently added a lighter-weight fabric option to our line-up, which results in a 20% reduction in weight from our standard covers.  

Standard features include:

Materials are ordered and stocked in a manner that ensures we are able to cut your entire cover from the same dye lot, so there are no color variations across the cover.

Our standard is size 138, as opposed to the customary size 92.

On the underside of the cover, we place a PVC layer of reinforcement anywhere something on the boat could damage the cover, such as a metal protrusion, and a layer of soft lining anywhere the cover could damage the boat, such as where it touches vinyl. The soft lining also helps with the condensation issues frequently found in pontoon boats, which often lead to mildew of the upholstery.

Aid in the circulation of air under the cover, and prevent support poles from puncturing the cover. Support poles are also included.

We use a separate rope casing sewn onto the bottom edge of drawstring covers, and tie-down loops are stitched into that seam. This prevents the bottom edge of the cover from being pulled away from the side of the boat when bungeed (as they are when tie-down loops are sewn around the bottom edge), and puts a layer of fabric between the bungee hook and the boat.

Our rope ratchets use small carabiners to make it easy to keep track of your rope ends. The whole assembly stores inside a pocket with a protected zipper (most zippers are not UV rated, so they deteriorate very quickly when exposed).

We place reinforced cleat openings on all cleat locations, but only “open” those needed to accommodate the dock lines you actually use.

Standard where applicable.

On snap covers, the webbing used to reinforce the edge of the cover for snaps is stitched down along both edges.  This greatly reduces the likelihood of snaps pulling out of the cover.


Against any defect related to construction or fabrication. (Does not include fabric issues.)

When your cover is finished, we'll put it on the boat, properly tension the drawcord and set support poles to proper height.  If it's a snap cover, snaps will be installed in the cover and broken snaps replaced on the boat.



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